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In 2003, Springtime the World Health Organizationnoted a global epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) that had started in China and spread to the remainder of the world, with early instances reported in Vancouver and Toronto. Little was known about the ailment, which meant that symptoms were often misdiagnosed as uncomplicated flu, as well as the infection spread rapidly. After the third SARS-related death happened in Ontario in mid-March, the provincial premier declared a state of emergency, when May provincial appeared the outbreak had ended, which was eventually revoked on it. A week later, on May 23, four new cases were reported at the North York General Hospital in Toronto.

The dearth of public health infrastructure in Ontario combined with its hospitals' noncompliance with following existing policies concerning infection control and especially the lack of communication between hospitals, health organizations and levels of governments, with numerous spokespersons making uncoordinated and sometimes contradictory statements, all resulted in the public awareness the government and healthcare authorities didn't understand what they were doing or were lying about the intensity of the outbreak. Before the next provincial election, the premier address and must analyze what might have been prevented, how public health interventions were managed as well as the differences between public health reactions in Vancouver and Toronto.

SARS Outbreak in Toronto case study solution


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SARS Outbreak in Toronto

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