Report of INDI’s new strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Report of INDI’s new strategy Case Solution

Events of Children’s Cancer Association

Children’s Cancer Association is a charity-based association that helps to diagnose severe diseases in children and helps treat those diseases through funds. It was established in 1995, it provides different programs along with treatment of diseases. Children’s Cancer Association arranges music for children with which they can reduce their pain. The caring cabin of Children's Cancer Association accommodates with residence for the children there for treatment and their families as well. It, however, arranges its funds through different special events. The events include races, bike rides, yard sales, golf tournaments, super bowl parties, auctions, and a unique event of wine tastings. These events not only benefit organization to raise funds, but also distract children from their painful illnesses.

Value addition

Physical events are more beneficial for any non-profit organization than online fundraising or the placement of charity boxes in different areas. Thus, the events like tie – dye party can be arranged engaging the various social groups. Tie – Dye party can be organized by selling T – shirts that promote the cause of fundraising. These shirts will be tie–dye with the customization of buyers in the get-together. Sale of these shirts and fees would generate funds.

Today’s world also gets inspiration from the various reality shows as well. Thus, a Master Chef Challenge can be organized that will round up food lovers and supporters. Such competitions attract a lot of crowd that is looking for fun. People cast their votes for the favorite contestant, and the competition creates joy through the event as well as raise funds.

Events of Ronald McDonald House of Scranton

Ronald McDonald House of Scranton was founded in 1986 as a non-profit organization. It accommodates various families by providing them with a house near medical facilities. It allows services for the families who are away from their house for the medical treatment of their children. The organization also provides the facility with referrals. The referrals are arranged in the hospital for the families when their children are under treatment. Ronald McDonald Family Room is also for the convenience of the people who are in the hospital for the treatment of their child. This area has an aura of a home. Families go there to let off their steam that they get in the hostital’s environment.

Ronald McDonald House of Scranton organizes many events for the purpose of promotion of the organization’s services. It includes season of caring, which is an intensive customer care service. Ronald McDonald communicated with its services consumers through television, radio, print, electronic media, billboards, and social media channel. Families who have been in touch with Ronald McDonald House responded very well and the campaign was a success. The purpose of the campaign was to acknowledge its consumers through reunion, and a picnic was organized with the families.

Another occasion celebrated by Ronald McDonald House was the festival of Gourmet Gala on April 3rd, 2016. It was the tremendous feast designed with the help of restaurants and caterers of the area. They had to represent their specialty of food or beverages in the festival. The event was full of entertainment as it brought mingling and socializing of the community. The night was also joyful due to refreshing beverages, appetizing entrees, and stunning desserts. The ticket cost $40 per person. However, they were sold before April.

Apart from these successful initiatives, Ronald McDonald strives for more promotion through its future projects.

Celebrity involvement

Mike Trout has been the brand ambassador of the Ronald McDonald. Mike Trout is a baseball player from Los Angeles. It was also the good way of promoting a non - profit organization. However, the funds got a significant raise through the involvement of the player......................

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