Regression Analysis Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Regression Analysis Project Case Solution


This empirical research basically focuses on the happiness and the contentment of the people from their life which is in fact dependent upon a number of the key variables. This report analyzes the trends and the variations in happiness across the countries of the world. The equality or the inequality on the basis of which happiness is distributed among the countries around the world has also been discussed in this report and all the key variables that tend to have an impact upon the happiness of an average person have been analyzed.

The report makes the estimations of the happiness of an average person on the basis of the comparisons of the people of their current lives as compared to the most imaginative life which is called throughout this report as the ladder. Multiple Regression analysis has been performed and the use of descriptive statistics has been made in order to answer the question that what are the estimates of the actual ladder in the life of an average person and to what extent they impact their happiness and wellness.
The data for this research has been collected from the primary sources such as the Gallup World Poll for the last three years and on the basis of the this data the analysis has been performed. The research methodology is simple in this study with the next section focusing on the literature behind the true factors of happiness of people. The next sections describe specific characteristics of the data after Ope rationalization and then the modeling of the data is performed. Finally, the statistical analysis and its interpretation is performed with the conclusion of this research which also focuses upon the future developments in this area,


This research study focuses on the answers which have been provided by the respondents regarding their normal lives and how they see the comparison between their usual lives and the imaginary lives which are regarded as ladders. According to this ladder, the 10 corresponds to the best life possible whereas 0 corresponds to the worst life possible(Diener, 2010).

This is the dependent variable of this study which basically measures the extent of happiness of the people. The past researches have indicated that there are many ways to determine life evaluations. The life evaluations could be explained by a number of measures which are related to particular situations and circumstances which are also interrelated to emotional measures.
The emotional measures are also of particular importance to determine the importance of the experimental work in daily lives and what impact does the surroundings and the short term events have on the life evaluations(Helliwell, 2012).In order to compare the life evaluations and the emotions, six key variables have been employed in this research paper.

These six key variables are highly important in order to explain the main range of the factors which are important to explain the life evaluations include the log of the GDP per capita, the social support, years of the healthy life expectancy, freedom to make the choices in life, donations and the perceptions of the corruption. These five key variables have been extracted from the World Health Report(Helliwell, 2012).

The past research has shown that the relative importance of these key variables which are also the independent variables in this study is different. For instance, the healthy life expectancy of the people is one of the strongestdeterminants of the life evaluation ladder. Moreover, whenever a person is in trouble and they have someone to count on them to free them from that trouble and also the sense of complete freedom are also two key strong determinants of the life evaluation ladder(Helliwell, 2012)..................

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