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Rap and Metal

Rap and metal is the combination of twisting and turning genre using the wormholes following all or some techniques of sub genres in order to form a new and original sound. However it doesn’t always work and anyone who is listening this from 90s can attest that the addition of hip-hop elements like rapping and turntables was a serious low point.(DEITERMAN, 2014)
Rap metal is also known as the sub genre or the combination of rap rock and alternative metals music in order to make heavy metal and it usually consist of heavy metal guitar elements, rapped vocals and sometimes turntables. (metal, 2012)
Now we have a whole generation who has grown upon music and wants to give it more advancement. We can find bands like white chapel and suicide silence admitting how much their sound is indented to Korn and Slipknot, while others are even busting out those turntables again.(DEITERMAN, 2014)
Rap Rock is a flourishing music since the end of the 20th century, but these days how it’s working is a big question, to understand the Rap Rock music and to better appreciate the genres of the essential songs. First of all we need to look back at the early days of the hip-hop music to understand its rise in popularity and eventual acceptance by the rock community.
In the early 1980 s the hip-hop blossomed,it was dramatically opposed to the rock music at that time, mainstream has rock had long since matured beyond its early roots in the 1960 s in to a hugely respected moneymaking industry. By comparison the first rappers were just kids from the New York City having fun at parties by rhyming over records.(Entertainment, 2014)

History and development of the Rap Metal

The Early 1990s and 1980s

Rap metal was originated from rap rock genre and other hip-hop instruments with rock. The genres root was based on both hip hop genres that simply act like heavy metal songs such as Beastie Boys Cypress hill etc. moreover, the rock bands was focused towards the heavy metal and hip hop in order to influence more audience the music which they focused includes 24-7 Spy and faith no more. However the Scott Ian of Anthrax believed that Rage against the machine invented the genre.(Sunday, 2008)
The End of 20th and start of 21st century
The 1990s was the basic and most profitable years for the rap metal music since it was the main time of popularity for this type of music and it counted the most for this type of genre however, this type of music peaked its popularity in the early 90s and early 21st century.
Moreover the song Epic of the band Faith no more showed a major success and peaked the number 9 on the billboard Hot 100. Later on in 1993 the release of the Judgment Night Sound tracks that featured numerous collaborations between rappers and rock bands. However the Rage against the machine in 1996 album Evil Empire also showed a tremendous performance and entered in to the Billboard 200 at no one. However in the 1999 the third album of this same band the Battle of the Los Angeles also released and hit the Billboard 200, while selling 430,000 copies in the first week of the debut however every single on the band’s album became platinum hit.(Keyes, 2002)
Moreover the Biohazard played on the main stage with the support of the album Bio hazard embarked on a short co-headlining tour of Europe with Suicidal Tendencies. However in the late 1998 Atlantic also released the rap metal musician Kid Rock to the album Devil without a cause to compete with the single track Welcome to the Party however the kid rock went on to support the album. It was seen that the sales of the track welcome to the party and the album devil without a reason slowed down in the late 90s. (Work, 2008)....................

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