Rank Xerox (C): The Success of Telesales Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Rank Xerox (C): The Success of Telesales  Case Solution


Carlos got Fournier's approval to carry out "Telesales" (i.e., Carlos's relabelled variation of Dubai's Telemarketing). Telesales succeeded within a year of release. Success aspects were: task's IT element; salesmen's approval of utilizing computer systems; salesmen not withstanding capacity included control of Telesales; and offering of a total plan.


Pedagogical Goals:

This case makes numerous points concerning best-practice transfers: having a working design template (i.e., area to observe practice being moved in operation) is important as a referent and a convincing system; sharing finest practices frequently needs time to pilot and encourage others to embrace practice; and being innovative in interacting a best-practice effort might be necessary to an effort's success.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Strategy

published: 01 Mar 2004
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