Cultural Due Diligence Protocols (Background Note) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cultural Due Diligence Protocols (Background Note) Case Solution


Outcomes determine cultural incompatibility in between the 2 companies as a typical source of failure and note that the celebrations practically inevitably did little or no cultural due diligence (CDD) prior to the offer was done. In an effort to prevent such results, some companies are taking CDD seriously and a little however growing group is formalizing cultural opinion as an important part of their overall due diligence procedure.


Pedagogical Goals:

The background note prompts trainees to think about the ramifications of cultural incompatibility for a proposed merger or acquisition and offers a special recommendation (there is no comparable released post readily available) that offers a series of requirements for contrasting the variety and comparing of CDD protocols presently utilized by companies and monitoring experts.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Strategy

published: 01 Jan 2004

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Cultural Due Diligence Protocols (Background Note)

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