VermiSoks: One Man’s Food Waste Is Another Man’s Tomato Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The VerniSoks case highlights the entrepreneurial challenges of building a social start up and the conditions surrounding a visionary thought that fought to acquire fiscal traction from private investors and the venture capital community. The VermiSoks narrative paints a picture of a sophisticated business model using a strategy that may have been overly convoluted for prospective investors to believe in its fiscal viability.

There is absolutely no hesitation that the VermiSoks business functions were complex and technical. Miguel’s challenge to package an amazing complex system, the Virtuous Cycle, struggled to attain monetary traction in its holistic form. VermiSok' business model was intended to be monetized; the "societal" intent often took the spotlight. Miguel's yearning to "close the loop" of the Virtuous Cycle and construct his start-up around the whole system, rather than individual components, stood as a deterrent to bringing needed investors. On their own, the business elements that are compartmentalized had strong potential sales opportunities, but the system as a whole was still difficult to get and presented a substantially greater investment than financiers were not reluctant to undertake.

VermiSoks One Man's Food Waste Is Another Man's Tomato Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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VermiSoks: One Man’s Food Waste Is Another Man’s Tomato

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