Rana Plaza: Workplace Safety in Bangladesh Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Which approach do you think will achieve the stated goals?

The BFSA approach is considered to achieve the stated goals because a legal obligation is included between the retailer and the factory owner for the improvements of processes, whereas, the legal obligations are excluded in ABWS past. The legal obligation would work as a binding force for both the company and the supplier. Avoiding the legal obligation means that MNC’s are taking halfhearted interest in maintaining in developing the reputation of garment factories.

Response to Accord and Alliance

As a factory owner, my response to the Accord would be highly satisfactory as they would be providing trainings and funds to the factory in managing its operations and maintaining safety regulations. The clause for factory inspections and violating of safety regulations to be appearing on the internet is also considered a good step towards monitoring the factories. This is the best possible way to gain trust and confidence of the workers and as well as the consumers present in other countries. My response to the Alliance would be dissatisfactory, because the retailers have failed to provide any legal obligations for factories to make improvements in its business processes. The suppliers shall be treated equally as their partners, and a partner is always legally bounded.

Efforts of these Organization

If these two organizations would be working five years from now, then it shall be assumed that many of the mishaps, tragedies, and unfair treatment of workers would be avoided by a great deal. Continuous inspection after every 9 months in a particular factory would result in maintaining a highly safe and healthier environment for workers. In these five years, either the factory owners would fulfill the requirements highlighted by the Accord and the Alliance, or the factory would be closed down for violating the pact. In both cases, it would be better for the people of Bangladesh as they would not be able to suffer like the tragedy that occurred with Rana Plaza.

Advise to staff in the position of payoff and bribe

Educating the staff about maintaining ethical standards and to comply with ethical values in their daily lives in order to avoid the expectations of payoffs and bribery shall be recommended. The culture of the organization shall be maintained in a way that it promotes and appraises employees with positive ethical values. The ethics program implemented by the company will also affect the entire business processes and operations. Through training and communication, the message shall be conveyed from the top management to the working staff that bribery and payoffs shall not be tolerated in any case (IBE, 2014).

Where would you go for guidance?

The guidance can be achieved from the top management which is within the organization, while considering outside the organization, the guidance could be taken from MNC’s and the government. However, in case if any guidance could not be found, the company should adopt the WFEO Model code of ethics that has been described below:

WFEO Model Code of Ethic

Demonstrate Integrity

This part of the model allows the company to develop a culture that restraints employees from doing fraudulent activities or criminal practices. It portrays that the employees shall speak truth and be fair in making judgments.

Practice Competently

A firm shall practice carefully and in a diligent manner in their area of competitive edge. The company can grow steadily when it exploits their area of expertise. Enhancing of the business processes where the competitive edge of the company lies.

Exercise Leadership

Enhancing the quality of life through educating your employees by providing knowledge and understanding of technical issues. The aim is to develop leadership skills amongst every individual.

Protect the Natural and Built Environment

For a sustainable future, the company must maintain continuous improvement and to provide safe and healthy environment for the people. The consequences of actions shall also be mentioned (WFEO Code of Ethics, 2014).

Responsibilities of Nike, Walmart, and H&M in Ensuring Safe Environment

The big retailers and the small retailers, all have to abide by the Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR) with its suppliers if they have to sustain in the market. Companies can only become successful if it has good relations with its internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, suppliers are the external stakeholders of the company and the performance of its supplier directly affects the performance of the company. It was the responsibility of the retailers to have maintained a safe and healthier working environment in suppliers’ company. Suppliers are the business partners of the retailers as they contribute towards their profitability. Therefore, these retailers have the responsibility to ensure a safe environment in these companies.................................

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