Rackspace Hosting (2000), Video Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This teaching resource introduces pupils to Rackspace. We explore the way that action transformed workers into passionate fanatical Rackers and Rackspace transitioned into an organization focused on fanatical customer service. Students read a two page case the night before as the conversation progressed and the video clips are utilized in the class. The range of clips facilitate the faculty to utilize the case in the flow of the conversation. The leadership team of Rackspace, faced with adjustment of its own service offering and dwindling financial reservations, decides to make customer focus the rallying cry of its own new strategy.

Rackspace Hosting (2000), Video Case Study Solution

PUBLICATION DATE: December 30, 2010 PRODUCT #: 811701-VID-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Rackspace Hosting (2000), Video

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