ASIMCO: Developing Human Capital in China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Jack Perkowski The Asian Strategic Investment Corporation (ASIMCO) in February 1994. ASIMCO has become one of the largest organizations serving the Chinese automotive components industry. This case illustrates the development of human capital in ASIMCO. Describes ASIMCO management restructuring, its leadership development strategy, and its system of fast-tracking the leaders in the leadership development program. Instead of transplanting Western models of governance in China, ASIMCO strongly believed in the creation of a centralized, top-down management model that can be adapted to the unique environment in China. "Hide
by Gilbert Wong, Nailene Chou Wiest, Maria Ho Source: University of Hong Kong, 17 pages. Publication Date: November 28, 2002. Prod. #: HKU236-PDF-ENG

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ASIMCO: Developing Human Capital in China

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