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            Public policy is basically a principled guide to the various actions that shall be taken by the administrative executive branches of the government with respect to the issues in a manner consistent with the institutional customs and the law. The basis of the public policy has been rather composed of the different national constitutional laws and the different regulations.

            Moreover, it also includes the substrates which also include the judicial interpretations and the regulations which help in the authorization of the legislation. Lastly, it can be said that a stronger public policy shall help in solving problems effectively and efficiently that serves the justice, the support of the government policies and institutions and it also encourages the people simultaneously.

            Public policy issues are related to heath care and its implementation is rather complex and difficult. Various models and techniques have been used that shall help in analyzing the flow of the health related policy development to the healthrelated policy in the United States.

            It is important and rather necessary to understand that the national law or even the health policy is a program that helps the intervention of the overall health structure. It is elementary and rather integral on part of the government to ensure that it shall be able to successfully and effectively deal with the public policy health issues to help and support the general public that is deprived of health and safety issues.

Public Policy Issue

            The public policy issue related to health care that shall be discussed in the paper is abortion. Abortion has been one of the rising concerns around the world especially in the United States where more people have been involved in the issue of abortion. Since abortion in the United States has been one of the major issues not only in terms of the health issues, but in fact, it has also been a cultural and political issue in the country.

            The government of the United States has been constantly devising and upgrading laws which have been implemented to ensure the rate reduction in the percentage of abortion in the country. The issue has been considered not only related to public health policy, but in the recent past it has become a legal dilemma. As per the legislation of 1973, abortion was made illegal in certain circumstances.

`           However, as per the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade it actually invalidated all of these laws, and set guidelines for the availability of abortion. The issue of health care regarding public policy issue indicates that abortion is an issue which has increased over the past ten years in the United States and more and more couples have actually looked to adopt abortion.

            Specifically discussing about the United States, the major protagonists in the debate regarding public policy health issue regarding abortion indicates that the concept of abortion has been defined and distinguished with two choices that are pro-life and the pro-choice; however most of the people in the United States are actually stuck in between the two choices.

            As per the research conducted in the year 2014, it has been observed that the participants have actually been of mixed feelings regarding the two concepts and the general opinion amongst the population. Moreover, amongst the general or the mass audience in the United States they have a different and diverse set of opinion on the legal and healthy status of abortion in the country.

            However, in spite of the legal differences amongst the mass audience, the issue of abortion is more of a public policy health issue. The reason is simple; it has been observed that women who generally opt for abortion in the early ages tend to face health issues once they become pregnant in the adulthood. Moreover, with more and more teenagers becoming pregnant, the rate of abortion has gone quite high which indicates that the issue needs to be looked upon by the state and the government officials.Public Policy Issue Case Solution

            Therefore, it can be said that the issue of abortion has become one of the major concerns for the government to the United States because eventually an issue has been gaining momentum quite rapidly and vigorously, moreover, the different population groups in the country have been a part of this issue.

            It is an issue and a rising concern in the United States which has been hampering the growth of the economy and the country or the government has been forced to spend ample money to overcome this issue and to take the precautionary measures which can support the victims of abortion.................

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