Human Resource Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Issue no.1 Unionization

            The first problem that shall be discussed in the paper as part of the human resource management issue shall be the problem organizations face in the modern world is regarding the unionization. The issue of unionization has been one of the major human resource issues which the companies nowadays face quite regularly.

            Since all the large manufacturing firms depend upon the labor to meet the operations and to actually work upon the customer orders; therefore, they within themselves elect a union leader who can present their issues, problems, the obstacles they face at work, to the management or the higher authorities (Robert H. 2002).

            The idea or the process of unionization is basically a process of organizing the employees working within a company into a labor union which shall at as an intermediary between the management and the employees within the company. The concept of unionization helps the employees as they perceive that the representatives might look upon their issues. If a union is formed within a company, it is said to be unionization.


            Unionization in most of the cases generally looks to work against the management or the organization. The major activity of unionization is to look after the rights of the employees, support them and also resolve their issues, in spite the fact that employees are at the wrong end.

For instance, if the organization or its human r source looks to fire an employee or labor from the factory, the management faces severe and stiff resistance from the labor union. Although the management presents a fair justification for the firing of the labor, still thy look to protect and safeguard the rights of the employee. Over here the actual problem occurs, since the management takes the decision based on various attributes such as poor performance, irregular attendance, poor behavior not only with the management but allows workers to generally lead the layoff of the worker (Robert H. 2002).

In spite of the fact, the union actually knows the problems of the respective employee; they still tend to favor the employee and try to go again the management in saving the employee. This is an issue which the human resource department of the organization has to deal with in an efficient and an effective manner.

Along with this, another issue which generally arises between the union of the company and the human resource is over the compensation and benefits of the employees. For instance, if the human resource sets a justified compensation and reward program for the workers, the union tries to intervene and try to raise the compensation for the employees (Johnason, P. 2009).

Over here, workers blindly trust the union in spite knowing the criteria developed by the human resource department of the organization which sets the compensation and rewards based on the capital, the revenues of the company.

The union basically tries to demotivated employees and makes them work either without interest or resign if the pay shall not be raised by the organization.Therefore, it can be said that the human resource management has to actually deal with this situation in a rather efficient and an effective manner.

Another issue which hinders the performance of the human resource department of an organization is the fact that if the demands of the union are not fulfilled by the management, they tend to go on strike along with all the workers.

This is one of the major issues and problems the company has to deal with because eventually if the labor does not work, the deadlines of the customers shall be missed. Moreover, the raw material shall be wasted. Along with this, it would also increase the overall cost of manufacturing the product since customer deadlines shall be missed (Aaron 2011).

Recommendations and Action Plan

            As the issues presented above regarding the concept of unionization, it is one of the most disorganized issues an organization has to face where the human resource department has to deal with the labor unions that are formed within the firms.

            To overcome the problems that have been identified in the above section, the most important step which the human resource management has to take, is to actually coordinate and communicate with the union on regular basis.

            Although it is not necessary to align them with the decisions made by the firm, but due to the trust and influence which employees actually have over the unions, it is necessary to make them a part of the management. Along with this, it is necessary that the human resource management shall look to bargain with them over different issues.............................

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