What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What are the characteristics, habits and behavior of an entrepreneur? Is there such a thing as "entrepreneurial thinking"? There can be learned and intelligent "core" for business? The author has studied the process of solving problems in the 30 entrepreneurs from different industries, whose companies amounted in value from $ 200 million to $ 6.5 billion. Careful analysis showed different thought process, "effective reasoning." Using U-Haul, as, for example, it outlines the way in which entrepreneurs factor in the loss of affordable, strategic partnerships, and the use of contingency. Thinking entrepreneurship, as opposed to management or strategically, to believe in yet-to-be-made future, which can be formed as a result of human activities, and realizing that, to the extent that such action can control the future, they should not waste energy trying to predict it. This is much useful to understand and work with people who are engaged in the decisions and actions that lead it into existence. "Hide
by Saras Sarasvathy 9 pages. Publication Date: September 13, 2005. Prod. #: UV1356-PDF-ENG

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What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial

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