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Political Marketing Case Solution


This research paper evaluates the effectiveness of the political marketing in the presidential elections of US 2016. The main theme of this paper is to develop the marketing strategy for the Hillary Clinton by examining the political development and competition for the elections of 2016. Certain issues have been identified in the election in addition to which, detailed evaluation and research have been conducted to address the issue and proposed the effective marketing strategy to Hillary Clinton political election campaign. Finally, after evaluation, the recommendations and strategies have been proposed to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

1.     Introduction:

The objective of this research paper isto evaluate the effectiveness of political marketing in US elections campaigns of 2016. The paper would give the insight to political marketing of Hillary Clinton to effectively target the people with goals and view towards the future. Hillary Clinton is a well-known politician of America, and participated in the presidential elections of 2016 of U.S therefore, the core objective of this paper is to develop an effective marketing strategy for Hillary Clinton that could help her to run her election campaign and to address her vision to the people of US.On April 2015, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidential elections of 2016. Her campaign’s headquarter had been established in the New York. Her campaign focuses on raising the incomes of middle class, and the well-being of a society as a whole. Clinton has faced immense challenges from Sanders and Trump. (Jonathan Bacon , 2015)

The paper has identified the political market scenario of the US presidential elections 2016. In addition to this, detailed evaluation has been done regarding the political parties and candidates involved in the elections. Hillary Clinton’s current political marketing strategies focus towards the well-being of the society however, due to the intense competition, certain amendments should be made in order to increase the likelihood of success.

·        Research Questions:

  • To analyze the effectiveness of existing marketing of the elections campaign run by Hillary Clinton.
  • To develop an effective political marketing strategy to facilitate Hillary Clinton to target its core objectives to its people.

·        Methodology:

This research paper includes secondary data from the reputed sources to provide the deep and proper understanding of the research questions. In addition, qualitative and quantitative data have been used as well to address the issues and to develop an effective political marketing strategy.

2.      Comprehensive Break down of Political Market:

·        Parties and Candidates

There are two parties involved in the US precedential elections of 2016, the democrats and the Republicans.However, there were two candidates were running from the Democrats (Hillary Clinton and Sanders) and three were running from Republicans (Cruz, Kasich and Trump). (Compare 2016 Presidential Candidate Positions, 2016)

Survey has showed that 43% of the Democratic Party is favorable. Americans are somewhat more likely to say that Republican Party is better at handling country’s most important problems. However, Democratic Party is also facing tough competition as majority of the public views are in favor of them.(Compare Presidential Candidates)

3.     Current Scenario:

·        Public Image of Candidates:

Hilary Clinton has a reputable public image in the political market due to her concerned towards the public (LANNYDAVIS, 2016),whereas Sander is an independent senator from Vermont committed with the Democrats. He has been identified as a democratic socialist and has been in congress for about 20 years. (US election 2016: Meet the candidates, 2016).................

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