Polio Eradication-Within Our Reach? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The year 2009 saw significant drawbacks to global polio eradication attempts: a polio outbreak in Nigeria spread into neighboring nations; previously polio-free states in India were reinfected; and Pakistan experienced its greatest outbreak of polio in eight years. By year end, the amount of kids worldwide paralyzed by polio had regressed to 1999 levels. These setbacks started a discussion about the proper strategy for worldwide eradication of polio. Indeed, some experts believed that recent reverses weren't caused by poor direction but were instead caused by preconditions and epidemiological characteristics that might leave polio eradication unachievable.

This case presents a summary of polio and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Additionally, it recounts the successful attempt to eradicate smallpox. The instance empowers a rich discussion of the current global strategy to eradicate polio, along with the dilemma of whether eradication is the appropriate international public health objective. More usually, the case provides a concrete example of a particular kind of global public good, specifically contagious disease eradication

Polio Eradication-Within Our Reach Case Study Solution


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Polio Eradication-Within Our Reach?

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