Polaris Industries Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Internal Analysis

The Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix identifies and evaluates the relationship between strengths and weaknesses in areas of business. The strengths and weaknesses which were considered in calculating IFE Matrix score gave Polaris score of 2.55 out of 4 which is a good score.


  • Wide marketing and solid distribution network
  • Brand image
  • Sides-by-Sides sales
  • Trusted brand
  • Customer loyalty
  • Growing operational performance


  • Lack of technical workers
  • Expensive product
  • International market share
  • Increasing inventory
  • Economic crisis


            Polaris Industries Inc. was established in 1954, Polaris Industries Inc. has been involved in high manufacturing of motorsports products including ATVs, Sides-by-Sides and snowmobiles. The company has been a strong player in the US market and has proved itself as a strong competitor for Yamaha, Honda, Arctic Cat and Harley Davidson. Polaris had initially captured the North American market and out of its total customer base, North America accounts for 85% of its total customers. Whereas, the company has managed to increase its sales in European countries and it had a great market in Europe. Focusing on the international aspects Polaris managed to acquire a great market share in Europe with its products and its strong international customers eventually reside in Europe. For a successful business high management it needs to overcome different demands of the customers. Polaris managed to increase its expansion in the international market and captured growth in different countries. The successful management of Polaris resulted in grabbing the market share and an increase in sales, whereas, the company sold its products with 1,500 distributors in the United States and 1,000 distributors in the rest of the world.


            The marketing activities of Polaris are designed to promote and build a bridge of communication between the consumers and the company. Moreover, special efforts are carried out by the marketing heads of Polaris to promote and communicate with the dealers and distributors worldwide in order to assist them in selling and marketing. Aggressive marketing is carried out for conveying the message of the company to the dealers and distributors and giving discounts, rebate programs and incentives for accelerating the retail sales to consumers and then gaining the market share. Advertising directly to consumers is done using the print advertising in the industry press and in user group publications and on the internet, billboards, television networks and radio. The media advertisement is also carried out to the distributors and dealers which vary according to the products and from year to year. In different intervals of time, the promotional films of the product portfolio are made available to the dealers so that they can use it in the showroom or at the special promotion campaigns. Different items like product brochures, posters, leaflets, dealer signs and other promotional items are provided to be used by the dealers.


            The financial position of the company shows increase in growth such as in 2013 the gross profit margin percentage is 29.7% which was 28.8% in 2012 and 27.9% in 2011. This shows the trend of increase in the profitability of the company. Moreover, the change in sale percent is 17.7% in 2013 and it was 20.8% recorded in 2012. Similarly, the sales of the company increased in 2013, it was estimated as $3,777,068.0 as compared to the sales in 2012. Hence, it shows that the sales and profit of the company increased in 2013.

Production / Operations

            The products of Polaris are being assembled at the different manufacturing facilities of Polaris which are situated in Roseau, Minnesota, Spirit Lake, Iowa, Osceola, Mexico, Monterrey and other facilities across France. The product lines consist of the same technology, same equipment and the personnel are employed in North American production facilities. The manufacturing includes wide variety of key components which include plastic injection molding, clutch assembly and balancing and painting. The list of components such as fuel tanks, tracks, instruments, seats and other certain components are purchased from outside suppliers. Raw materials and standard parts are available from different sources which are suitable for the manufacturing of these components in US. Polaris has been involved in the practice of designing and manufacturing of its own engines. The engines are designed and manufactured in US, Victory Motorcycles since 1998...........................

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