Horse Vet, LLC: Transaction Analysis and Statement of Cash Flows Preparation (Option 2) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case pertains to the statement of cash flows along with the foundational underpinnings of the accounting procedure. In Part I, pupils are not given a list of business occasions to record, but rather, they must assess what they were from a 2011 balance sheet, a 2012 balance sheet, and a 2012 income statement. Part II necessitate students to organize a 2012 statement of money flows using the same three financial statements as given for Part I.

In Part III, students must rely on a 2011 balance sheet plus a 2011 statement of cash flows to work backwards to derive the 2010 year end balance sheet. There are just two variations of this instance: The Option 2 case is a bit more demanding than the Option 1 case. Both cases augment students' learning linked to the accounting procedure as well as the connectivity between the financial statements. Please notice that only one variation of the case should be used because of the existence of some overlap between them both.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about FINANCE & ACCOUNTING

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