Polaris 2008 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The chairman of the Taiwan-based Polaris Securities Co. Ltd. (Polaris Securities), affirmed acceptance of Polaris' investment plans in Singapore, Vietnam and Abu Dhabi. The chairman's name was known in Taiwan as synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurship. He had experienced great success in establishing an information technology strategy and related complementary assets for on-line stock trading and online transactions.

With a performance that was notable, the chairman had made Polaris Securities stand out conspicuously in the securities market of Taiwan. He additionally replicated Polaris Securities encounters, including computational finance, trading platform and customer service, to Polaris Securities (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Polaris Securities HK) to enlarge his company scope. The chairman considered whether Polaris Securities HK encounters and Polaris Securities could be duplicated in Singapore, Vietnam and Abu Dhabi.

Polaris 2008 Case Study Solution


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Polaris 2008

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