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 Poland Case Solution 

Poland is situated in Central Europe and is the neighbor to Germany, Czech Republican and other. The official name is Republic of Poland and itis the 9th largest country in Europe according to area while 8th largest according to population. Poland is a unitary state which has additional 16 administrative sub-divisions. Poland is considered a post – communist country as it was able to create a free market-oriented capital economy(D Stuckler, 2009).

Economy of Poland

The economy of Poland is ranked to be the largest in the Central Europe while sixth in the European Union. Poland is considered in the top 20 countries for largest GDP.Poland is considered as one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union as per the World Global Competitiveness Report(Schwab, 2010). The economy of the country is well diverse and it has strong domestic markets and low private debts.During the recessions of late 2000s, Poland was the only country to have avoided the recession and came up with a strong GDP. In 2012, during the great recession, Poland was able to achieve a GDP growth of 1.6% which was the highest in the European Union(http://ec.europa.eu/).The country has been able to grow at a good rate after it got free from the communist government; the post- communist government has taken great measures to transform the polish economy to market – based economy from an economy, which was controlled according to a central plan formed earlier.The major exports for the country include motor boats, light planes, hardwood products and etc.On the other hand, the biggest customer for Polandis Germany.


The privatization has been the most prominent act taken by the government to grow the economy of the country; privatization has been a continuing act and it has been in process since 1990. Many sensitive areas of the economy, such as power production, coal, transportation, have all been privatized. The national telecommunication company of Poland, Telekomunikacja Polska, has been sold to a French company called “France Telecom”, this is considered the largest privatization of national firms in the year 2000(D Lipton, 1990).

The banking market is a growing sector in economy and has become the largest network in the Eastern Europe. The economy includes 5 national banks, 600 cooperative banks and 18 foreign banks branches.The government has privatized many financial institutions in the recent past while the remaining banks under the direct control of government have been re-structured to become competitive. In addition,legal reforms have been introduced in this sector to make it more competitive and transparent.The poles are considered the second wealthiest peoples amongst the peoples of Central Europe as per the Credit Suisse report in 2008(Iglicka(, 2008).

Inputs of Polish Economy

Poland is considered as a resourceful country, as it has numerous privately owned farms in the agricultural sector, which provide the country with potential to become the largest producer and supplier of foods in the European Union.The main factors of production for the economy are provided from the agricultural sector, which provide a large variety of crops. The country has access to a large labor force which is provided with good compensation and other benefits however, due to the access to the European Union’s labor markets, the economy faces net emigration as citizens leave for working conditions in other European countries. Following are the factors of production or inputs for the Polish economy;.................

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