How to Do Strategic Supply-Chain Planning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

It is not uncommon in many companies for tactical planning using computer models to optimize the supply chain - at the time, in a completely separate activity, executives formulate strategy. Understandable efforts basis, because they are fundamentally different in nature. But today, he maintains a number of leading organizations are discovering the benefits of having a tactical planning in close connection with the big picture strategies at an early stage. The new approach is called strategic supply chain planning can ensure that important parts of the supply chain to inform the company's business strategy and supply chain management that aligns with the strategic direction - the interaction of the company can benefit from at any time, but are often most in need after a merger or acquisition. Companies usually weigh long-term supply solutions related to considering alternative sources of supply, new geographic markets or new products, but tactical managers think about the issue differently. According to the author, step-by-step approach can leverage the best of both worlds, and the study shows how to combine scenario planning strategist with optimization modeling tactical planner, avoiding the disadvantages of each approach. Provided that the two teams worked together, he says, strategic planning, supply chain can improve the competitiveness of the company. "Hide
by Manmohan S. Sodhi Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 9 pages. Publication Date: 01 Oct 2003. Prod. #: SMR120-PDF-ENG

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