Peter Guber: The “Me” vs. “We” Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Peter Guber, a popular film producer, is deciding to initiate a personal project that demands the time resource. He is going to enter into a program of a business book where he will describe his experience that he has learned so far throughout his tenure. Meanwhile, as a principal of a privately-owned firm, Mandalay Entertainment, he knows the challenges and issues Mandalay is facing. The company, also owns small league baseball teams, is transforming into digital content from the production of motion picture and television content. Mandalay new objective is to empower its core movie and television business by providing new power, along with ensuring the sustainability in the sports business. The company also has the intentions to own a prominent league professional sports franchise, but whether Peter Guber would avoid all personal projects to enhance the focus on Mandalay? However, it is a better time for him to introduce this book. Guber has to consider the impact of his book project on the Mandalay brand and on his personal brand.

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Peter Guber: The “Me” vs. “We” Brand

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