Pediatric inpatient falls and injuries Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Critical Analysis


The research problem is clearly identified in the article and the intention of research is also easily determined. However, the purpose of study is not clear as to why the research is being conducted.

Literature Review

The literature review is logically organized based on chronological order of the research and studies.The limitation of each literature is not identified from different perspectives. For example, Helfer, Slovis& Black (1977) focused on 5 years and younger children, which is different from the current study as it includes children less than 18 years of age. The articles reviewed are mostly recent, three out of five articles. These articles have different limitations like different age limits and different external factors, as most of the articles are focused on children younger than age of 6 years.


The research questions are clearly identified. Apart from age limitation, the discussion in the literature review is consistent with the current study.

 Ethical Standards Applied

The approval from review board was received and hospital staff & management were informed about the study and were asked to report any patient falls. However, the study does not suggest any consent from the patient on the data recorded. It also did not guarantee confidentiality of personal data to either patients or hospital staff. The nature of the study was rather to be focused on the falls and injuries/non-injuries caused by the fall................................

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