Responding to 21st Century Financial Crisis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the 1990 financial crisis seems to have been almost a year. Examples abound: the fall of S & Ls in the U.S., the currency chaos in Europe, and the devaluation of the Mexican banking crisis, Japanese banks are teetering on the brink of default, currency collapse and bank failures throughout East Asia. Something new and dangerous seems to be in motion - that Michael Camdessus (Managing Director of the IMF) has called "21st Century financial crisis." The international community should respond? This case represents the views of the two engaged observers. Joseph Stiglitz, the chief economist of the World Bank, and George Soros, the hedge fund manager and self-styled international philanthropist "Hide
by Hugh Pill Source: Harvard Business School 6 pages. Publication Date: April 13, 1998. Prod. #: 798090-PDF-ENG

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Responding to 21st Century Financial Crisis

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