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Summary of Topic 1

It describes the fact the every living thing affects its surroundings and influencing every part of the planet especially the human beings. They are disturbing the grand cycles of biology, chemistry and geology through which essentials such as carbon and nitrogen that circulate between land, sea and atmosphere get affected. The change in the climate also occurs due to the many practices of the human beings on Earth such as different business practices affects the environment. Nearly, all ecosystems of the planet affected by the practices of the humanity. Moreover, different practices and activities of the human being are changing the planet earth in several ways. The species everywhere are disappearing, Rich grasslands are turning into desert and ancient ice developments are melting away.

The extinction in term of biology and ecology is the end of an organism or organisms generally asa species. The instant of extinction is usuallyconsidered to be the death of all the members of a species, despite the fact that the ability to breed and get better may have been lost before this event. In addition to this, the extinction of few species can be advantageous to human beings such as the circumstance of the eradication ofsome viruses, bacteria and insects that transfer into human diseases. Nevertheless, the extinction of every species changes the biodiversity of the Earth and the critical significances of such extinctions cannot be projected.

However, extinction is not a bad thing always as if every single animal and plant that ever existed was still on the planet then it would be a very congested earth. As its natural when one species get vanishes, then other species grow to fill the place left by the disappeared species that are no longer present on the earth.

Summary of Topic 2

It describes the value of scarce clean water as it is most common and precious element that is present all around us. Water is highly important to every single living thing which present on earth. Despite the importance, it is being wasted in a great quantity and if we do not utilize the water carefully, then there might not be a drop of clean water remains to drink. Moreover, although water will always be everywhere, butthe majority of the water are not for human consumption of planet earth. As the human beings can only survive on consuming fresh water. This also represents the idea of an ancient mariner that being obstructed in the middle of the sea that is surrounded by salt water nothing else which he cannot drink. Furthermore, as human beings cannot consume the water of seas as it contains the high level of salt content and which is not suitable for human consumption.

Summary of Topic 3

As per my analysis I believe that wise people deals very careful while dealing with others as whatever they say or do,they thinktwice before doing anything. Secondly, theywould not go into anything that threatens their protection or the protection of others and usually their decisions give them success. In comparison, foolishpeople are always hurried in their action, without thinking of the consequences while making any decision; acting brute as if emotionally unstable. Foolish people are the sort of people that are directed more by their emotions rather than thoughts. They don’t understand the hazards impacts that can affect their success or their wellbeing or the wellbeing of others, when they take up uncertain initiative and as a result, they failed in the majorityto gain accomplishments.However, the real dissimilarityamong the wise and a foolishperson is that a fool getsinto the risky undertakings without thinking whereas wise men keep that away from such things.

Personality plays an important part in organizational behavior as the way people think, feel, and perform affects many practices of the workplace. The performance of the people is affected by the way they make decisions. It is very important to understand and think while implementing any decision as it has many adverse consequences on work performance. It includes motivation, performance, and conflict in the workplace. It also contributes to better decision-making skills of the individual in an organization.

It should need to be appliedin practice as it has many positive outcomes. It can avoid numerousrisks and confrontation with unpleasant circumstances that affect the success of the undertakings on the daily basis. Moreover, it can also increase the abilities and skills of the person in making effective decisions.

Summary of Topic 4

This describes the importance of learning and understanding. As there are many difficult things that are happening in the world; that affects the acceptance level of the people. If you learn about all these things, then you will get confused, but on the other side, if you did not get confused then you are not paying.......................

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