Paul Thomson: Walker Insurance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

After a year of searching, Paul Thomson achieved his goal of owning his own business. Walker, a previous owner helped the transition, but is still involved in the company and employees are looking for the leadership of Paul. He takes urgent steps to create morality, replacing poor performers in the "producer" of sales, reduction of salaries and expenses. During the audit, post closing, Thomson finds $ 600k problem that erases their money in an emergency. He cares about getting back to their investors to finance the creation of reserves this early in his tenure. If he plans to live off the money flow, its growth targets will be delayed, and it may lose some revenue recently hired a 'producer'. It also calls for the sale of the company for $ 4 million, which would yield a good return for investors and for him personally.
Just got insurance Walker, Paul Thompson feels not enough money to support his initial plan for growth. It can request additional funding from its investor group, hunker down and grow more slowly, or consider an offer to buy the business. The transition from the old owner, is complete and it has taken steps to re-virtualization company under his leadership. "Hide
by Michael J. Roberts, James M. Sharp, Sonia Nagala Chang Source: Harvard Business School 16 pages. Publication Date: August 14, 2012. Prod. #: 813057-PDF-ENG

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Paul Thomson: Walker Insurance

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