Modern Agricultural Farm: Budgeting for Control Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

For the prior month sent by the farm accountant, the managing partner of the Modern Agricultural Farm in rural Pakistan was reviewing the set of performance reports in May 2011. A management evaluation and research consultant had designed these reports to convert the farm system to that used by the head office of the Alamgir Group of businesses, of which the farm was a part.

Modern Agricultural Farm Budgeting for Control Case Study Solution

There were two concerns: the way to deal with the changes in the farm's monthly income and the way to plan the right blend of harvests and plantings to ensure a gain. A computer-based accounting software program was purchased to help expedite accounting and reporting, and an annual master budget plan had been created to command operations. Given the special dangers faced in agriculture where the portfolio of crops was dependent on uncontrollable variables, such as the elements, the managing director wondered how he could develop a workable budget for the coming year. Pupil spreadsheet 7B13B025 with data is accessible.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 10, 2014 PRODUCT #: W13556-HCB-ENG

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Modern Agricultural Farm: Budgeting for Control

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