OWNI: Disrupting the French Media Landscape Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In April 2009, OWNI was set up as a copyright free picture distribution business and on-line news. As part of a web agency that developed web content and images for French companies, it insisted that all content produced could be transformed into freely accessible to others under the Creative Commons license. OWNI distributed hard-hitting news, sourced from bloggers typically in the beginning and later supplemented by a team of investigative journalists.

OWNI Disrupting the French Media Landscape Case Study Solution

Set up to challenge the authority of conventional French media, OWNI sought to carve out a niche for itself as a provider of lavishly illustrated, insightful news articles which were accessible to the public at no cost. However, the recognition it had received in the type of industry awards and also the dedication of its own workers, regardless of its aspirations, the firm filed for bankruptcy by the conclusion of 2012.

An earlier journalist at the OWNI believed that its blow on the French media, what it symbolized, what adjustment - if any - it glimmered and what it could have accomplished had it achieved, what it set out to do. What were the barrier of growing and supporting an innovative business model in the face of rivalry and declining resources that OWNI's management was ineffective to carry out? 

PUBLICATION DATE: October 30, 2013 PRODUCT #: W13458-HCB-ENG

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OWNI: Disrupting the French Media Landscape

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