Organizational strategies for filling the customer can-do/must-do gap Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The Service leaders have learned that it is inadequate to attract customers that are willing and ready to experience what their organizations have to offer; they must also bring customers who have the ability to do important roles in co-creating a successful service experience. This recognition has resulted in growing interest seeing how companies should handle these quasi-employees to make sure that everything is done accordingly. This duty is embraced by top service organizations and has developed strategies to recognize and adapt variations in their own targeted customers’ capabilities. They understand what the customer actually can do and that the organization making up for deficiencies between just what the customer must do to have a great service experience is depended upon by client satisfaction. But, there has been little research done into how companies ¬†execute steps to make sure that the gaps are covered. Nonetheless, it is getting clearer that organizations, which have developed procedures and systems to fill these gaps, are likely to please their clients and achieve higher rates of repeat business than businesses that have not. This informative article offers strategies for organizations that dedicate to bridging the customer can-do/must-do difference and thus ensuring their customers have a service experience that is successful.

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Organizational strategies for filling the customer can-do/must-do gap