Opple Lighting Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Opple Lighting is a leading lighting manufacturingcompany in China.The companystarted its operations by offering the commercial lighting solutions to businesses and in China markets. Over the period of time, the company gained momentum in the Chinese market and expandedinternationally. In doing so, it enteredinto different emerging and mature markets and opened up to 300 sales outlets globally. The report below generally outlines the strategy and the competitive edge of Opple Lighting to enter into the US markets under the semiconductorindustry. Since the lighting is also treated under the semiconductor and Led industry, it plans to enter in the US market which is relatively mature andhas shown growth potential in 2017 of 0.9%.Also, it has been analyzed that the imports will increase in the coming years from 2017 to 2022, due to the increaseDollar value and restricted production within the region. This trend poises the opportunityfor the Opple Lighting to enter in the US market.Though the market poise great opportunity. There are substantial market entry barriers, like the high custom duties to secure local business along with the heavy investment and setup cost to enter in the market. In addition, the previously build competition in the market alsopoiseshighentry barriers for the company. All in all, the competitive strategy for Opple Lighting is analyzed in the below sections under theframework of strategy cascade under five questions.
Opple Lighting Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cascade of choices
The Winning Aspiration
The Opple lighting will initiate its business operationinitially from North America
covering all the majorcities like Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Thecompany will start by entering Las Vegas, due to easy access to the markets, and since the market is relatively small than the other cities, the company will run the test drive for the period of three months to understand the market dynamicsand to gauge the customer behavior. Also, Central America is targeted by thecompany due to the over ranching population,the availability of modern technology andpolitical stability in the region.In addition to this, the particular region has high income propensity and understanding of the technologywhich makes the region an effective market for Opple Lighting.
Moreover, according to the IRIS report, the region has an increasing trend of using advanced and smart technology hence Opple has the opportunity in the market to offer eco-friendlysmartLed lighting solution. The product willinclude thesmart Led Lighting for offices and households, along with high durability and smart control over it.The particular product could be operated through the IPhone to control the lighting of the conference rooms, and home accordingly hence syncing with the lifestyle of the US population.Since cost is the intriguing factor among the US population, the Led solutionwill cut cost to half perhaps offering the same reliability and durability.The main target market of the Opple Lightingwill be Gen Yers,Millennial and businesses.
Since the market barriers are high for the Semiconductor markets, the company will initiallystart by joining handswith the local player of the region, this will offer a quick access in the market and will offerthe adequate resourcesrequired...........

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