Operations Management Assignment – Inventory Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This paper attempts to perform an investigation of the inventory management in the food processing company in Kenya. The company on which this research study is focused upon is the Crown Food Processing Company of Kenya, which is a private company in Kenya. Crown Foods Limited is a private company within the food industry of Kenya and it produces juices and mineral water. The company offers its customers with bottled water for sports applications, water with salts and minerals and the bottled natural mineral water(Bloomberg, 2017).
Along with this, the company provides repair services, sanitization, dispenser installation and bottled water dispensers for purchase or hiring for the domestic and commercial applications. The products of the company are offered to casinos, spas, resorts, restaurants and hotels. The products are sold through online channels and distributors in the East African countries like Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Sudan. The company is based in Kenya in Nairobi. Crown Foods Limited operates as a subsidiary of SABMiller plc(Bloomberg, 2017).
Neglecting the importance of inventory management and evaluating the effectiveness of inventory management in any organization can result in liquidation of the company, especially if the company does not manages its factors of production quite well for meeting the needs of the customers(Alan, 2010). The companies in the food processing industry must always meet the demands of the customers in terms of quality and quantity both. Inventory management is of great importance for the managers for administering the rest of the logistics system of the company so that the customer service is not hindered because of the low levels of inventory(Eckert, 2007).
Operations Management Assignment – Inventory Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In this research study we examine the inventory management at Crown Foods Limited, the role of the departments in managing the inventory, the factors that hamper or promote effective inventory management and we also determine with further research that whether the use of the bar coding systems would add value to the organization. Most of the previous studies have researched the impact of the inventory management factors on the performance of the firms however; in this study, we determine the impact was due to a range of different factors in the inventory management of Crown Food Limited.
The objective is to show the trends in inventory management, the adoption of bar coding technology by the companies for inventory management and the future expectations that would make inventory management as the key to service delivery. The significance of this study is that it would provide us with useful insights about promoting inventory management in food processing industry and how the adoption of the bar coding technology would enhance the customer value.
Results & Analysis
We have performed the analysis for the inventory management at Crown Foods Limited based on the model generated by another research study conducted on related topic. The inventory management of the food processing companies has been significantly impacted because of number of challenges related to lack of available supply, increased cost, failure of production and poor cost control..........
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