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Research Proposal Case Study Solution

Alternate Hypothesis:

There is a need to even define that up to what extent, the Singaporean designers can define the culture and heritage in Singapore.

Literature Review:

In Singapore, the higher education for the study of arts is the most recent development by Singaporean government in this cultural emerging environment. The most recent and up to date development for the higher education in the arts study for the cultural and creative economy are in the dialogue with the government agencies. However, this dialogue with government agencies has been found to have a huge gap, because the Singapore has an extensive range of artistic platforms, art centers and art museums that show the culture and heritage of Singapore, museum curated exhibitions such as commercial galleries to art fairs, homegrown exhibitions and much more artistic collections which have the main purpose of developing the central contributions towards the Singaporean culture.(PURUSHOTHAMAN, 2017).

The Singaporean fashion designing is an art of the designers through which they can reflect the Singaporean culture and heritage to the outsiders, such as tourists. These type of arts are the reflection of the significant culture and heritage in that country, which helps to express the national identity of a country and helps to play an important role in external social environment through which the people can be influenced. The term national identity is very dynamic which can be explained through the cultural matrix of different ideas, spaces, images and different things and practices. Culture is a fixed identity only in the subject of dialogue and creativity.(Edensor, 2013).

There are several ways by which the portrayal the national identity of a person can be exhibited, in which the dress code of a person is very important, through which other people can easily have a judgment of their national identity as well as their  personal characteristics. In addition to the dress code of a person; the dance moves of a person belonging to a specific country or culture which shows special moves that are carried out in that dance, is also helpful to identify the individual or helps in having a collective identity through the significant and effective moves and expressions of a person. The different body movements in dance of a person represent their different social identities, their national characteristics and their traditions which are associated with their nation.(Dafydd Russell-Jones, 2012).

Although, the art, music, dance and designs have never been recognized on the priority list of Singaporean government. After the independence of Singapore, its main focus substantially was on the development of its economy and the maintenance of its social controversy, which has led to the negligence in the development of fashion designing and artistic work in Singapore through which they could have promoted their cultural and heritage values. By implementing all of these strategies immediately after its independence, the Singaporean government had developed the society which is now in competence with other already emerged and emerging societies on the basis of technology, education and other highly promoted disciplined activities.(Fukuvama, 1992)……..


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