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Diversified range of products
Strong research and development activities
Global presence
Established brand name

Tasly has a well-established brand image across the globe. Its exceptional presence in many countries makes it a global brand. The company is maintaining its quality standards from the beginning. Its diversified range products make everyone brand loyal and its customers have the choice to select their desired products from different categories. Since, it has a very well established brand name, which generates impressive sales across the globe; therefore, Tasly has a strong financial position. As per the need of the pharmaceutical industry, they have been doing a tremendous job in research and development.


v Lack of promotional offers.

v Low consumers knowledge

v Highly Leveraged Position

v Advertising issues

It has been noticed that Tasly came across with limited promotional offers. In pharmaceutical industry advertising is not allowed; therefore, Tasly needs to work extremely hard in order to gain consumers’ trust. Some health issues have been highlighted by researchers regarding the regular usage of medicine, which may be harmful for health. Tasly is lacking in this regard because they are still not creating awareness to overcome this issue. Moreover, sometimes due to extra focus on specific brand; other brand of the company suffers.


v Broadening of product base

v International expansion

v China’s growing population

v Acquisitions

Since, Tasly has a very established brand name so they can easily use the opportunity of coming up with new range of products. People trust Tasly that will for sure help them to launch the products in a confident manner and to gain the advantage of already established brand name. International expansion opportunities are also available for Tasly to further expand their business in the remaining countries of the world. Moreover, China’s population is increasing so they can look for further market development approaches.


v Heavy campaign by competitors

v Uncertain R&D findings

v Health awareness

v Government regulations

In China there are hundreds of pharmaceutical companies that are trying since decades to capture market share as much as possible, which makes it difficult for Tasly to fight. Moreover, the awareness regarding the human health issues due to eating regular medicines can be a big threat to Tasly because researchers may ask people to avoid medicines on regular basis.

Porter’s five forces for analyzing overall situation

Porter Five Forces Model

Porter Five Forces Model distinguishes and inspects five competitive forces that shape out the likely pros and cons for every industry, and support to find out an industry's overall attractiveness by means of different forces that are influencing the different factors, which are present in an industry.

Threat of new entrants is low

The threat of new entrant is low because it is extremely costly to enter in such industry in which you need to have extensive capital, exceptional branding and distribution expertise. Huge competitors like GSK and Pfizer make it difficult for the one to enter in this industry across the globe. Many brands have been introduced in the market from time to time but they all have been wiped out by massive competitors across the entire world.......................

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