Kaplan and Norton’s notion of strategic management systems Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Kaplan and Norton’s notion of strategic management systems Case Solution


Strategic management is one of the widely used practices, which allows the organization to meet its objectives and vision. The process includes a detailed evaluation of the internal resources and the plan to be executed in order to maintain the mission of the company under control. However, strategic management consists of the ongoing activities and the processes, which allow to sustain the strategic planning related to the objective and the vision of the company.

The system also provides a considerable feedback process in order to manage the plan and the position of the company similar to the defined roles and responsibilities of the strategic system. In lieu of Kaplan and Norton’s notion to implement the plan, the use of a map and balanced scorecard would allow sustaining the continuous performance of the defined strategic management system internally.

For that, they recommended that a relationship between the factors would lead to controlling the strategic management performance metrics and to increase the probability to achieve the results related to a particular vision and mission of the company. In the case, it has been analyzed that the system analyzed the internal as well as external process through the use of various approaches and that would be able to show the similarities and differences among the selected approaches to analyze the situation.

Internal strategic evaluation by using a concept of Kaplan & Norton

In order to assess the internal operational performance as well as the strategies to sustain the process in the future, the concept of Kaplan and Norton would allow implementing various models which would be able to identify the factors associated with the meeting objectives of the company. However, in order to assess the internal strategic management process, the use of balanced scorecard would allow to provide a sufficient information regarding the use of strategic implementation and the feedback system in order to make certain decisions as well as to meet the criteria of the company’s vision and mission.The model is discussed in detail below:

Balance Scorecard

Balance Scorecard provides an overall picture on how to use strategic management system related to a particular mission and vision of the company.Therefore,in order to evaluate the model, five considerable goals and measures would allow to provide information regarding the proper use of a system similar to the company’s overall internal objectives.

Financial Perspective

The measure consists of the financial stability of the company, which allows to maintain the position of an entity under control as well as to increase the shareholders’ interest in maintaining a strong financial position in order to expand the business for high revenue generation. However, the main goal to increase the financial position of an entity would be to survive and succeed the relevant measures, which comprise of the income statement, balance sheet and the cash flows of the company.

Customer Perspective

It has been analyzed that without a proper customer chain, the company would not be able to generate the sales related to the set objectives. Therefore, retaining a particular number of customers would allow to execute a strategic plan of the company similar to the vision and mission.The key goals assessed under the selected measure would be to focus on product innovation, to build relationship between the suppliers and customers and to anticipate the positive feedback from them.

Internal Process Perspective

Building a strong financial position and retaining a particular number of customers would not be achieved unless the company operates under a strong internal structure and process. Therefore,the technological innovation is considered to be an important goal in order to meet the overall vision and mission of the company. Moreover, another factor is to increase the operational efficiency through the proper use of manufacturing processes......................

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