Surviving Organizational Disasters Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Man-made and natural disasters are becoming more prevalent in today's world. Among others, the company must be concerned that these impacts survival of the organization, in violation of the life and work of employees, suppliers, customers, and organizational infrastructure. If the current trend continues, the Federal Agency for Emergency Management is on track to declare 30% reduction in 2010 than in 2009. Organizational crises in extreme distress. Although the literature, crisis management provides a useful basis for planning internal organizational threats, it is not adequately large external threats posed by disasters. The gap in mind, we present here a framework for planning and man-made disasters: continuity of operations planning (COOP). Continuity of operations planning is a tool that helps organizations stay in business under extreme conditions. Although the continuity of operations planning is not an entirely new practice, many small and medium-sized firms do not want to participate in this type of planning. To emphasize the importance of the process, this paper provides examples of organizational disasters, along with the simplified method to develop an effective plan for continuity of operations. "Hide
by W. Jack Duncan, Valerie A. Yeager, Andrew C. Rucks, Peter M. Ginter Source: Business Horizons 8 pages. Publication Date: March 15, 2011. Prod. #: BH424-PDF-ENG

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Surviving Organizational Disasters

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