Olympic Games: A Brand Crisis (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-5-0675 © 2004
Sean; Meehan

This is the first case of a two-part series. There is serious risk that one of the most recognizable symbols of the world which are synonymous with honour; integrity; determination; and dedication to excellence - will be tarnished with reports of bribery and corruption facing the International Olympic Committee.
Olympic Games A Brand Crisis (A) Case Study Solution

The IOC needs to manage its brand name that its worth to patrons and advertisers stays intact. The case exemplifies the sequence of events leading to the bribery event and highlights the problems that have to be addressed to save the Olympics from the disaster.

Subjects: Corruption; Brand; Sports; Olympics; Bribery; Sponsorship; Integrity.
Settings: Sports; Global; 1198-1999; US$1.8 billion

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Olympic Games: A Brand Crisis (A)

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