Eileen Fisher: Repositioning The Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

The major problem that has been identified in the case “EILEEN FISHER: Re positioning the Brand” is the fact that Eileen Fisher has been one of the more established fashion brands in the United States market where it has offered appealing clothes and designs to older women. However, with the customer demographics changing and the company has been unable to increase the customer base is considering various options to sustain in the market.

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Eileen Fisher and its management have been targeting younger demographics with the company deciding to offer a product line that is more stylish, appealing, trendy and as per the needs and wants of the younger generation. Although the efforts made by the management have been honest and dedicated, the re positioning has been a hard decision for the company.

Moreover, the median age of Eileen Fisher customers has been 59 which is increasing by one every year. The brand is stereotyped as a product for older and larger body types. The company has been unable to penetrate in other segments of the market. The company has also lacked social media presence which has been a major source of promoting the brand. Therefore, the above information explains the issues present in the company which needs to be resolved accordingly.........................

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Question 01: How is the EF brand story embodied in its products, stores, employees, and marketing and advertising?  How strong is the brand story?  What are the core brand associations and meaning narratives associated with the brand?

            As the case states, EF brand story is embodied quite devotedly in all its products, the stores, employees and the marketing and advertising that is being carried by the firm. The major focus of the firm has been to present the ordinary women as the face of the brand. Rather than involving models, the owner of the company has engaged and encouraged the involvement of an ordinary woman who is the real face of the company.

            Moreover, the company has been quite committed and has been working quite efficiently in the segment it started off its business which was the older women. However, in the recent fall, the company has shifted its focus to the other prevailing markets in the market. Prior to involving itself in different markets, the company was quite one dimensional where the focus was to ensure the quality of product rather than any other activity. Over the period of time, this has been the major success factor of the firm, where EF has improved the product as a whole.

            The brand story for EF has been quite strong, effective and committed. The reason is simple, if any other brand instead EF would have launched a new range of products’, it would have been taken positively by the market because no other company in the apparel sector of the United States has highlighted its core value and remain committed to serving accordingly.

            Since the scope, the customer base, and the brand have been inclined towards a specific segment of the apparel market, therefore, the brand story has also been aligned accordingly. The core customers or the established customers have been associated with the brand and they believe it has been quite a nice and trendy method of accommodating the needs of older women and the rather women accordingly.

            The core brand association of Eileen Fisher has been “Beautifully simple clothing designed to move with real life.” Moreover, the brand association for EF has been that it is targeting the 59 years old women on average. The brand is generally associated with the older people. The company has been operating through licensing, partnerships and retail stores. Social Media has not been a major business idea for the company. The brand has been a successful one with its major focus on the idea of serving high quality customized products to the customers with utmost ease and quality fabric.

Question 02: How healthy is the EF brand at the time of the case?  How do you know?  Assess EF’s brand equity, using consumer perceptual metrics, brand performance metrics, and brand financial metrics to assess the asset value of the brand.  Is brand equity increasing, decreasing or holding steady over time?

            At the time of case, EF is quite a healthy brand. The customer base for the company is quite large and the revenues that have been generated by the firm are reasonable. Moreover, the association of customers with the brand is all time high. Women have been strongly convinced with the products offered by EF. The brand equity has also increased in the recent past. Women have been quite convinced to spend extra money on quality and have actually considered high priced product offered by EF. This has made the company quite a strong player in the market...............


This is just a sample partial case solution. Please place the order on the website to order your own originally done case solution.

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