Royal Barbados Bank (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1728 © 2006
Cordon, Carlos; Nie, Winter; Murtoaro, Jarkko

The overarching style in the case is a systemic issue; limitations to development developed by underinvestment in capability. For teaching functions; the case is divided into 2 parts; Episodes I and II. The very first part mainly deals with the marketing side of the Group subsidiary; Royal Barbados Bank (RBB).

The 2nd part concentrates on the operations side; however ought to likewise embrace a more extensive; tactical perspective; which incorporates both the marketing and operations sides; and check out how the supervisory concerns at RBB are likewise representative of the dominating supervisory issues on the RBB Group level. Knowing goals: Recognizing and dealing with limitations of development; Using operations management tools for directing analysis and advancement; Understanding the value of consumer division and utilizing client division to deal with limitations of development.

Royal Barbados Bank (A) case study solution

Subjects: Banking; Customer segmentation; Growth; Service quality; Operations
Settings: Disguised; Banking; Financial services; January 2006

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Royal Barbados Bank (A)

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