Olivet Nazarene University Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In this research report, we will discuss and highlight the facts and stats of the club organization of boys and girls. We will later discuss the operation and management of the organization. It is highlighted in the research report how the club is beneficial for children and what positives do they get after getting admitted to the club. It will also be discussed how useful is the club for the state and for parents in terms of character building of the youth.

Apart from this, we will discuss how engineering management can play its part in progressing the organization. Also how engineering management students, i.e. individuals or a group of engineering management students, i.e. a team can be helpful in improving the club for the betterment of the youth of the nation. It will be latterly mentioned in the report, how the engineering management models are implied to the existing running models of the organization to diagnose errors, minimize faults and maximize benefits for both, the children and the organization.

  • Introduction:

This capstone based researchis sponsored byUp World Inc.Boys and Girls Club Chicago USA.The main objective of this research is to improve operations at this club. Chicago Boys and Girls clubs were established in 1902, the Boys & Young Ladies Clubs of Chicago's purpose is to empower all youthful individuals, particularly those youngsters who require most attention in their childhood and at their teen age and to make them reach their full potential as beneficial, caring and dependable citizens. [1]

This club is currently serving more than 17,000 youths from ages 6-18, Boys and Girls Club Chicago works to supply individuals with enthusiastic, instructive, physical and social assets that permit them to appreciate their childhood and in the long run, flourish in adulthood.The after-school hours are the most debilitating time for every youthful individual, particularly those walking in a few of Chicago's most financially challenged neighborhoods attacked by savagery and drugs.[2] However, this club is providing the best environment to those individuals to enlighten their futures for just 20 USD per year, which simply has no worth against the drugs and other youth destroying social diseases.

Olivet Nazarene University Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Amid after-school hours when numerous guardians or gatekeepers are still at work, the Boys & Young Ladies Club of Chicago give an elective for kids for holding up around hazardous neighborhoods and making unsafe choices; they structure the time into valuable and fun exercises. The clubs work as communities unto themselves with spaces committed to adolescents who visit day by day.[3] They point to instruct and direct their individuals to get ready them for the burdens and the flexibility of adulthood, to make mindful choices and accomplish victory. This research or we can say, this project is related to engineering management in the improvement of all those operations, or we can say, their living standards currently being carried out in this organizationand what are those new methods and ways that can be introduced in those operations to make the clubs more effective for those kids and teenagers who are holdingmembership of these clubs and all those individuals who will be a part of these clubs in the future...................

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