Donald trump’s campaign claims Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Donald trump’s campaign claims Case Solution

The Donald Trump, an American businessman, television personality, and author have won the election and become the president of United States. The famous personality has promised to the citizens that he would provide his best services to make the country more power and resourceful. The Donald Trumps has performed the leadership skills to make the citizens more comfortable and increase the businesses for a citizen to reduce the unemployment.

It is identified that the Donald Trump has involved in his family business of contraction in 1971, later on, it was renamed by the Trump organization. Donald Trump made many hotels, resorts, and building.

The Donald Trump has implemented several operations for economic growth and it starts from the deregulation. The best economic changes come from the reevaluating the bank's regulations to know their standards. The citizen of the country was more resourceful and starts purchasing their homes. It increases the construction minerals and prices of the buildings. The constructors manufacturing highly demanded the raw material of the construction was raised in the construction industry.

Furthermore, the Donald Trump has stables the good relation with other countries such as Russia to receive the benefits and encourage the trading system of the world.  The Trump construction company has provided more than 200 jobs to the unemployed individuals to make the economic conditions of the country more stable and reduce the unemployment rate.

Nickel and Zinc prices:

The prices of Zinc have not been more fluctuated on the month basis. The results are nearly different on each month. The price of zinc in 2011 was USD 1.1 which starts decreasing from 2012 because of low construction developments and other increase in the resources. The price of zinc remains same for continue three years. After 2014 the price of zinc is more decreased, and it is in-between USD 0.8. It is identified that the price is high increase and above the expectation in 2016 when Donald Trump become the president. The zinc price of 2016 is USD 1.3 which is a higher rate than the previous years.

On the other hand, the amount of Nickel is varying in every month, and the price difference is great notable because of significant increase and a decrease in market demand. Moreover, the five years Nickel data shows the sales of the Nickel in the US. The request of Nickel was declining from 2012 because of a decrease in demand and increase in other alternates which replace the product. Due to a decrease in require the stock of warehouses was increased day by day. It is identified that 400,000 tons of the Nickel were shared in 2015 which was not requested by the distributors and customers.

This data is more useful to predict the market situation and make the practical decision of investment in any particular project or field.  The current conditions of the Nickel and Zinc are not generating the more revenues because of weak preferences. Increase the usage of Nickel with several other elements such as stainless steel products. Furthermore, It could be increased by the increase the construction projects.

Investment opportunity:


  • Investment of shareholders in the company.
  • Growth potential of the company in its future endeavors.
  • Ability to ensure its going concern in the highly diverse and comparable market.

Donald trump’s campaign claims Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Investment of shareholders in the company:

Most of the companies have created its value because of the sufficient shareholders and their investment help them to well established the business in the market and generate high revenue regarding sales. The strong shareholders of the company always influence the operating and capital allocation decision which helps the management to invest the capital in different operating units to receive the profits and make the business's portfolio stronger. Shareholders also have the right to vote on a matter that directly affects the company's decision making. The investment of shareholders helps the company to compete in the market and make the differentiation among the competitors..............

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