Nursing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Nursing-sensitive indicators
The outcome indicators refer to the patient outcome and are determined through nursing sensitive indicators that depend upon the quality or quantity of nursing care. The outcome indicators or Patient-focused outcomes helps the nurses in focusing on patients to improve their condition and keeping a check on the patient’s illness such as pressure ulcers, infections, and others(Idzior, 2014). The American Nurses Association had expanded its sensitive indicator for providing hospitals a better understanding of how they could be able to provide better patient care. The expansion of the sensitive nurse care consists of the nurse satisfactory on working, patient satisfaction, prevention of patient falls, nurses keeping tracks on the patient infections and others.
Case issues relating sensitive nursing indicators
In this case, there were several factors which were interfering with the patient care due to poor nursing quality and unethical supervision. First of all, the problem was that Mr. J who had taken strong medication to relieve hip painafter falling and had restrained in the hospital bed. There were no nurses at the time when he needed to go to thebathroom in order to un-restrain him which caused patient dissatisfaction. Another issue was that Mr. J had a severe red skin on his lower spine and hadn’tpaid any attention to it.When his daughter asked about red skin the nurse replied that there wasn’t anything to worry about as the symptoms were showing a sign of pressure ulcer.
Nursing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The other issue was that Mr. J had been given a strict diet planto followand the nurses and kitchen staff had mixed up the meal. The nurse and the supervisor acted unethically by not providing the information to the patient or his daughter. When his daughter was notified by thedietary worker, she confronted the nurse who told her not to worry.
Overall concluding the issues in the case which were interfering with the patient care are:
• Unavailability of nurse to the patient
• No attention being giventowards the patient’s red skin on lower spine.
• Poor performance by nurses and staff for mixing up patient’s meal
• Nurse Supervisor acting unethically
• Nurses acting rudely towards the daughter of patient
Advancing quality care patient
The pressure ulcers areone of the diseases which isalso known as bedsores in which aperson’s skin and its tissues are damaged or injured due to the pressure of the skin. These mostly develop on the person’s hip, elbow, heels and lower spine. The symptoms of the disease include the part of the skin which became discolored as the skin sometimes turned red, pale or even dark with purple or blue patches. If the symptoms are not taken care of or are not checked by adoctorit would later result in open wounds or blisters, and this wound would reach the deeper layers of the skin or even bones(Staff, 2017). The treatment of pressure ulcers requires admitting in the hospital and being deeply monitored by the nurses asthe disease can lead to serious injury or in most cases death. The other steps for the treatment are eating healthy diet, applying special dressing to heal and moving regularly to heal the pressure ulcers................

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