Nouveau Event Planning: The Wedding Extravaganza Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Nouveau Event Planning: The Wedding Extravaganza Case Solution


The case talks about the competitive threats that were posed to the Wedding Extravaganza by newly entered The Wedding Odyssey in the year 2001. At the time of its entrance, Ms. Campana changed its some of its strategies in the forecasting of the future threats by increasing her marketing budget to target more customers and signed a deal with the other channels of marketing to remain stick with the company and not more to Wedding Odyssey. In addition to this, for a better advertising, Ms. Campana also revised its existing appearance on the website for a wider attraction and last but not the least used the effective branding strategy in order to give the perfect distinction with the other competitors.

On the other side of the coin, The Wedding Odyssey started its operation in 2011 and by using the aggressive marketing strategy the company is slightly moving towards growth which is ultimately increasing the number of attendees in the show. One of the significant strategies adopted by the Wedding Odyssey is the scheduling of its show one week before the show of the Wedding Extravaganza in order to gain more attendees. In addition to this, the company significantly copy the strategies adopted by its competitor and use the branding techniques that confuse bridals to analyze the two leaders.

Ms. Campana in order to resolve the existing issue suggested the alternatives to overcome the issues in terms of modifying the overall fashion show, hiring a fresh mind which could provide better solutions for growth, change the date of the show and keep it exactly on the time when the Wedding Odyssey scheduled its show, go for the expansion of overall building in the form of new Exhibition Hall as present in the Wedding Odyssey and last but not the least due to the prevailing recession in the country and the decreasing number of weddings the company can either sell the show and could earn $1 million.

Problem Statement

In the presence of tough competition, the management of Wedding Extravaganza is facing the issue in terms of decreased number of attendance, low capacity to fulfill the overall demand and maintaining a good relationship with the existing exhibitors.

“WH” Analysis

In order to present the overall issue of the case in the form of WH Analysis it can be seen that:

“Who” represents Nancy Campana, the owner of Nouveau Event Planning, is considering improving the overall performance of the Wedding Extravaganza

“What” represents the issue which was faced by Nancy Campany a to improve the performance in the presence of significant competitor “The Wedding Odyssey” which is adopting an aggressive strategy to achieve leading position in the market.

“When” represents the short period of time between the implementation date of some strategy i.e. October 2011 for the next event on January 21, 2012.

“Why” represents the reason for coming with some strategy  which could ultimately help the company in maintaining its existence under the strong pressure of competition, recession as well as decreasing number of weddings in the country.

Analysis of the Problem

It can be seen that the by comparing the two competitors as illustrated in the below given exhibit the Wedding Extravaganza has the higher price as compared to the price offered by the Wedding Odyssey but the customer expectations are higher for the Wedding Extravaganza as compared to the Wedding Odyssey irrespective of their prices as also illustrated from the statement of one of the bride. Therefore, choosing to sell the company would not be wise decision................

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