THE HUMAN CYTOCHROME P450 GENES Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The human cytochrome P450 genes Case Solution


            Bioinformatics is an application of technology for the biological management’s information. Computer systems are used to gather, store and analyze information and to integrate this information with biological and genetic information which can be used to select gene based drug. This system and information is very useful since, it provides the most appropriate data to analyze the gene conditions and to adopt the final strategy to recommend and to select the most appropriate drug. (bioplanet, 2016)

Phylogenetic Relationship among the human CYP2 family

            There are numerous factors which has been found in the literature but in this section the analyst will first analyze the basic relation among the human CYP2 family, afterwards, literature will be discussed in the paper furthermore, the analyst will try to keep the analysis as simple as possible by avoiding inappropriate literature and related work.

            There are three CYP2 basis clads which are foundin the human body and have been observed normally. The two clans contain CYP2 members and one that doesn’t contain the CYP2 members. Furthermore, the CYP2 clan is expanded further in Daphnia Pulex because of the CYP370 family. This technique was done to get the most accurate results. (Gate, 2016)

            Afterwards, the literature was again reviewed to get a closer concept and conclusion which can be drawn after the evaluation of the relation among the CYP2 family in the human.

            The literature suggests that Cytochrome P450 CYP2 enzymes has a great importance in a variety of psychological and toxicological process as these genetics havea deep and orthologous relation with CYP2s in different taxa. (NCBI, 2016)

            However, the literature also suggests that the Anopheles is the major cause of malaria which has been founded in majority of the cases which has been reported in the African region. Moreover, the same research also suggests that the CYP2 family and its chemical imbalance have been observed as the root cause of malaria in the African region.

            The literature also shows that almost 86% of the total cases which were reported and counted for malaria was cause by the same reason. Moreover, the genome has also shown a presence of almost 14,000 protein encoding transcripts.

            Furthermore, the same study author wanted to analyze the relation of CYP2 in the human body and its effects with the combination of the mosquito poison which causes malaria. In order todo so the writer collected the biological data of the malaria mosquito composition and then compared it to the CYP2 gene in the human body.

            The basic source forthe author was the internet as, the author downloaded anopheles gambiae of mosquito from different internet sources. Since P450 genes are highly diversified and cannot be measured simply by taking their data,therefore, the author used published sources to collect the characterized and categorized data of C450 genes.

            This diversified and categorized data included the conserved region of C-terminus and the heme-binding domain containing the Cys ligand to the heme.

            Finally, the findings suggested that the combination of C450 genes and the malaria poison increase the chance of malaria in the human body and it’s also the major cause of malaria in human. However, a highly positive relation has been also found in the same study. This means that the powerful the C450 genes in the human body the higher the chances will be for malaria in the body. (OMICS, 2016).............

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