Note on Cable Television Regulation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Considers the development of the U.S. cable television industry since its inception in the early 1950s. Special attention is paid to the role played by technology, consumer demand and regulation at both the local and federal level. Designed to facilitate the conceptual analysis of natural monopoly, market competition and intangible property rights. The financial statements of the major cable companies are in support of the discussion of the basic economics of the business of cable television. Focal points include legislative proposals: 1) reregulate price of cable TV, 2) allow local telephone companies to offer cable television services, and 3) to limit the vertical integration of cable television programming. Updated through the passage of consumer protection for the cable television and the Competition Act 1992. "Hide
by Willis Emmons, David Gossman 21 pages. Publication Date: October 25, 1990. Prod. #: 391022-PDF-ENG

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Note on Cable Television Regulation

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