Well-Timed Strategy: Managing the Business Cycle Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

To manage the business cycle, to gain a competitive advantage over the competition, companies need to develop a "business-cycle orientation." This orientation should include five important features: the "business cycle literacy" of the top management team, skillful deployment of various forecasting tools; organizational structure that facilitates the timely collection, processing and dissemination of macroeconomic data, the application of a set of business-cycle sensitive to governance and organizational culture that supports business-cycle-sensitive management activities. Successful management of the business cycle, not necessarily dependent on the ability to predict its movements exactly. Rather, all that is required in many cases for the company strategically or tactically react more quickly than its rivals. "Hide
by Peter Navarro Source: California Management Review 22 pages. Publication Date: November 1, 2005 . Prod. #: CMR325-PDF-ENG

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Well-Timed Strategy: Managing the Business Cycle

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