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Polar Challenge was a company that offers an annual 320-nautical miles race on magnetic north organized by experts in the Arctic. He was successful in the UK, the creation of a marketing partnership with the BBC, Sony, Fujitsu and others. Polar Challenge seen in the U.S. market as untapped potential for sponsors and riders. In 2008, the centennial approaching polar research in 2009, the company decided to offer a race Americans. Marketing Director is given the responsibility for its presence in the United States, but he soon discovers that the American companies and the media do not have the level of interest he expected. In addition, companies worldwide have been cutting back on advertising in response to the global economic crisis. This case is a series of questions aimed at entering new markets and resources commitment to such efforts. It can be used to discuss the importance of understanding the target market, to address the specific needs of different customer segments, to adapt their products to the international markets, and the establishment of realistic goals. "Hide
by Rosanna Garcia, David T. Wesley Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 22 pages. Publication Date: 06 October 2010. Prod. # 910A21-PDF-ENG

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