Louis Vuitton in Japan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In this study, the opportunities and challenges, Louis Vuitton, the leading European luxury sector multinational firms in Japan, given the unique characteristics of brand management and the integration of culture and consumer behavior in Japan. In recent decades, Japan was the most lucrative market Louis Vuitton, but it seems that the global economic crisis has led to a decrease in sales. Facing a weak economy and a shift in consumer preferences, Louis Vuitton has its own unique strategy to adapt to the Japanese market. Days, based on the logo and charge a high price, it seems, gone, as there is more interest in craftsmanship and value for money. To boost sales, the company was forced to run less expensive collections are made with cheaper materials. The brand is also opening stores in small towns, where temptation logo still works. Over the years, Japanese consumers have shown enthusiasm and passion for the famous brand. What were the keys to a successful business model Louis Vuitton, in the Japanese market? This case was written to help students develop their analytical skills and strategic solutions. The case is intended to help in the development of the business model, adapting to the new cultural environment, recommending a course of action for further strategic actions, identify problems and ultimately increase interdisciplinary decision-making. This case can be used for discussion: 1) the complexity of the international business, in particular, the issues of brand management, international marketing and marketing strategies for success in East Asia 2) the behavior of consumers in Japan and the characteristics of the Japanese market, and 3) a strategy to achieve success in a foreign country. "Hide
by Justin Paul, Charlotte Feroul Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 20 pages. Publication Date: October 15, 2010. Prod. #: 910M67-PDF-ENG

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Louis Vuitton in Japan

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