Nimble Storage: Scaling Talent Strategy Amidst Hyper-Growth Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

Through pestleanalysis, it has been gauged that the companyoperating in the region of USand Brazilmay face strong political supportand stability, making Nimbleexpanddramatically.Infect, in theseregions, the barriers to entry are low, making easier for Nimble toenter thesemarkets.

After the financialcrisis, the US market regained its stance, making thebusinessessustainable in themarket.Underthis situation, it canbesaid, that the stableeconomic policy and the ability of the consumer to spend more makes small businesses successful in the market, leading to more growth and profitability.

Apart from this, since the economy is stable and the economic factors such as lowinflation and GDP growth are positive, it will allow NimbleCorporation to lay out its business strategy effectively, leading to sustainability and profitability.

Also, under the socialfactors, the US population seems to be tech savvy, making marketattractive for the company to penetrate.Inaddition, due to the emergence of bigdata and other technological cloudingservices and businessneeds,there is a high opportunity for Nimbleto capitalize growthand the emerging trendsthat fall in thefavor of thecompany.

Nimble Storage Scaling Talent Strategy Amidst Hyper-Growth Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Further, since the emergence of technology has taken hold of the major sectors in the US such as healthcare, there is high probability for Nimble Storage to have a greater impact in theseregions, leading to thecreation of high market presence and therefore market share.

Furthermore, under environmentalfactors, the US region is pursuing eco-friendlytechnologyand other techniques to safeguard the environment.In doingso, it hasadopted and pressured the different industryplayers to play their CSR role while doing business in the market.Such preferencesdepict the government’s high support for the eco-friendlyoption.Though the business model of thecompany has no directrelationship with the environmental factor, perhaps, it poises the pressure to play the role of CSR efficiently in the market.

Lastly, legal factors includestronglabor rights andgovernment regulations to safeguard the employee rightsand the valueproposition of the company.Thispositsconsiderablepressure on the company to maintain its base, in order to operate smoothly in the market, leading to successful operations.

Perhaps, all the factors discussedabovepointout the positive aspect of the region in supporting the company,making it easy topenetrate in the market, while gaining exceptional market share.

Hofstede Cultural Dimensions

Under the HofstedeCultural Dimension,US has medium power distance, that depicts that in order to operate into the US region, the company needs to address the high distance issues that are alreadyexisting in the market.Though in current situation, the company offers great ease and flexibility to the employees in maintaining good relationship. However, it is also eminent that directcontact to the upper management is low and twice in a month, which depictshigh power culture within the organization.

Also, uncertainty avoidance in US Medium depicts less volatile nature of the employees and the overallhandling of the uncertainty.In the current situation, the company maintains the employees by holding them accountablefor their actions. Though in the initial period,thecompany developed the value of accountability to developthe___14sense of irresponsibility among the people,however,later on it renamed its valueto “make it happen, in order to remove the sense of blamefrom theemployees.In addition,this factor also depicts the log retention ratio of the consumer with theproduct.............

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