Microsoft Office: Gaining Insight into the Life of a College Student (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Difference betweenFreshman, Sophomore, and Junior Student

Freshman and their Activities

Freshman is referred to as the first year student of high school(Fine, 2010). Through observing the activities of a freshman it can be said that they generally talk about less important and more obvious things. The number of tweets for freshman is less than that of sophomore and junior student. The daily activities for freshmen includes eating a lot of delicious food and like to try and experiment with new food, going out with friends, not much interest in college or doing homework, watching sports, fond of sleeping, fails to do any of the assignment, and are more sociable and extrovert. Freshman are also very late in making decisions and are not very good in time management as they only perform the desired task when it becomes really urgent.

Sophomore and their Activities

Sophomore is referred to as those students who are present in the second year of the high school(Bernstein & Kaufmann, 2013). There was only one sample for sophomore while conducting a twitter diary research and her activity was very balanced between studies, hanging out with friends, and giving time to the family. However, she is not much bothered about the future and have more number of tweets than freshman or junior students. The sequence of her daily activities includes waking up early in the morning, having breakfast, watching television, helping her sister to drop her at ORD, making lunch for herself, talking with her boyfriend, and hanging out at night with friends. Therefore, by observing through the activities of a sophomore it is revealed that they are not much concerned about the future and are mostly following a bandwagon effect.

Junior Student and their Activities

Junior student is referred to as those students who are present in the third year of a high school(Fine, 2010). The activities of the junior students represented that they were more serious about their future prospects and about their life than freshmen. Junior students were worried about their class, their homework, and were focused on getting a job. However, even though they were serious about their future life, they were also selecting the less urgent tasks over urgent tasks. The random activities of junior students include taking regular classes, love to eat good food, like reading along with fun and entertainment, good with doing chores, and wants nice and relaxed environment. Junior students want to make their future bright through learning and gaining knowledge, but mostly they let go of the most important things and in the end they realize they have committed a mistake.


Microsoft wants to make close engagement with college students to provide awareness about many products developed for the specific target market. Therefore, a team of experts have been developed to study the behavioral patterns of those subjects through ethnographic research. The research method includes diaries, focus groups, and face to face interviews. The selection criteria for the tools that were implemented by the team of experts were inefficient because the sample size was very small in order to represent the entire population. It is recommended that the company should have added in selecting individuals and to ask them to maintain the conversation data about the subjects’ interaction with any other student belonging to different country, color, race, or creed.  A freshman is considered to be studying in the first year, sophomore in the second year, and junior in the third year of high school. The main activity of freshman includes hanging out with friends and to talk about the least important things, while little interest in studies. Sophomores’ life is quietly well balanced with studies going alongside with fun and enjoyment. However, the activities of junior students’ highlight that they are concerned and serious about studies, but they eventually end up taking wrong decisions and regretting it.......................................

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