NH Hotels – The Human Resource Function in Organizations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

- Analytical model of corporate culture

            NH Hotel was very concerned about the culture in the organization; they had implemented various activities in order to promote the culture within the organization as well as corporate culture as well. Keeping that find in mind, they hired various candidates belonging to different cultural backgrounds, race, ethnicity, sect without any discrimination. They believed that people from different cultural backgrounds could play a major role in the success of the organization and promote the corporate culture. NH Hotel encouraged the team work among the employees, provided flexibility in the work environment and also developed trust among the employees in order to consider them as an asset for the organization. NH Hotel also provided various facilities and motivation to customers in order keep them interested all the time regarding the company’s new offers and promotion activities.

 NH Hotels offered the most advanced technologies in order to facilitate the customer communication, work and environment. The restaurants were also one of the main priorities for them. They were always interested to hire and motivate the top available talent in order to gain competitive advantage in the industry. NH Hotel currently has 12,500 employees of 99 different nationalities with different cultural backgrounds.

- Management commitment, Integrated Talent Management &

 Competency management

            Management of NH Hotel was very committed and dedicated to all the employees, they were always busy and make necessary changes with the passage of time for the best interest to the employees, customers and as well as for the organization. The first satisfaction survey was conducted in the June 2003 among all the staff including all business units. The objective of that survey was to identify the level of high degree of commitment among the employees with chain and high motivation. They recognized their employees as their brands. Management was very committed to customers and they facilitated their customers up to very high standards and made various efforts as well as activities for customers’ satisfaction.

            Talking about the people management which is always a critical factor in the hotel business, NH Hotel also implemented a lot of strategies and plans in order to overcome the problem and manage the people efficiently and effectively in the best interest of the organization. As far as employees were concerned, NH Hotel provided efficient and effective resource management chain; processes and procedures were implemented in order to provide value and importance to the employees. They believed that employees were the powerful force in order to run the organization that’s one of the reasons that management always encouraged and motivated them in order to promote the team work in the organization. These motivation elements participated directly to the performance of the NH Hotels. They were able to build trust and confidence in the organization as they were not usually present in most of the organizations.

            For talent management, NH Hotel was very cautious and always wanted to promote the best available talent in the industry. The good thing about the NH Hotel management was that they were not only compensate and motivate the top performer employees but they also provided ample support and motivation to the employee, who were de-motivated or less interested to participate in the organization activities and success. The training model of the NH Hotels was organized in three levels i.e. corporate training, local training, and individual training.

           Corporate training refers to the overall training needs for all the employees, local training aims to develop knowledge and skills in order to focus on each country, specific requirement along with the needs of each area and department. However, individual training encourages individual professional development as per the personal training and business needs and requirements. The NH Hotel chain has around 66 hotels, 7,447 rooms and 2,150 employees and introduces NH University in order to provide continuous training to all the staff members to encourage learning and development among the members so that they can work like a team and participate successfully in the best interest of the organization.

- Performance evaluation & Remuneration policy

            Remunerations were totally based on the individual performance of all the employees; there was no element of discrimination involved in the organization that was one of the reasons for their success. As per the HR policy.......................................

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