Network Development Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Network Development Plan

Mission Statement

To provide my services in a well reputed organization, having an exceptional corporate finance department, which offers a career oriented job capacity and where I could work for the betterment of the enterprise through confidence, integrity, goal objectivity and vision that promotes organizational success.

Currently I am in a process of completing my MBA by 2015, from University of Maryland. Right after the graduation, I would for sure like to pursue my career in the corporate finance industry. The decision of going for an MBA is based on my passion of joining the corporate finance industry. My next 3-5 year goal is to have a career oriented position in the corporate finance industry, which could help me in building a long term and successful career ahead. The reason for selecting this particular field is entirely based on my skills and strength.  I am excellent with numbers and possess exceptional quantitative skills which adds value to my vision of achieving long term success in the corporate finance and relationship management industry. In the next 3-5 years I would like to be a relationship manager of a leading firm. Being the relationship manager I would be using my strengths in an optimistic manner to meet the financial requirements of my clients by using the key elements of my strengths. Since I have a complete interest in the banking and number analysis, therefore this sort of job is completely aligned with my strength and passion for success.

One of the main reasons for selecting this field is that I am quite confident while dealing with customers because of my exceptional communication skills. The core benefit a bank would get by hiring me is that I never say no to anything and specifically possess a yes attitude when dealing with clients and getting their problems solved. As far as my competitor's employee is concerned may be he or she possesses an additional degree to work at my place, but I am sure that to achieve my goals I am far ahead in terms of communicating with clients and performing exceptional quantitative analysis. The three people who can be my brand board, fellows are extremely competitive in their field and can definitely play a role of guide in my carrier.

  • Constance Kwame Gbedzo
    Credit Risk Manager at UT BANK GHAN

Ø  Mark Asomaning

Relationship Manager at CAL Bank

Ø  Rosina K

Relationship Manager at Eco bank Ghana Limited

All these three people are related to my field of interest that is corporate financing. They are well experienced and possess a history of the successful career path.

Brand Network Grid and Strategy

High Rating as a Brand

Low Importance As a Brand

High Importance As a Brand

Low Rating as a Brand

Well, in my connections most people are having the finance background. Since I also belong to the corporate finance background so I always prefer people who possess relatively a hands-on experience in banking and corporate finance sector. The bottom right quadrant reflects the core part of my connections who can actually help me in making myself a brand. For example Mr. Constance, who was a graduate from the University of Ghana Business School is one of my inspirations. He always appreciates my interest in the corporate financing and helps me in developing the better understanding related to banking and corporate finance.  Similarly Mr. Mark, who is currently working as the Relationship Manager at CAL Bank played a vital role in enhancing my interest towards this corporate financing industry. He did his graduation from university of Science and Technology. Ms. Rosina has been my key motivator for long. She is currently working as the Relationship Manager at The Eco bank Ghana Limited. She did her master's from the University of Leicester. She is full of diversified skills and possess exceptional financial management skills. But despite of these facts I am looking for a place in the top right quadrant, because I am looking for those individuals who can actually help me in introducing myself as a brand. My best choice would be the people who are well qualified and quite successful in their respective fields..................

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